What Is Self Care? by Corey Marie

Today while browsing Tumblr I came across a fantastic comic that manages to sum up what this campaign is all about in a fantastic and visual way. I liked it so much I decided it deserved it’s own post. You can check out the original post over at the artist, Corey Marie’s, website.

Well said!




Exercise for Health

Everyone knows exercising is good for your mental and physical health (particularly for students). It is highly recommended to help manage depression and anxiety. Some studies even suggest that it can be as helpful as medication. Exercise also helps to boost self esteem, relieve stress by working out those frustrated feelings, and can break up the cycle of pessimistic thinking. Team sports are also an easy way to socialise.

Most of us know we should be exercising, but some of us enjoy it more than others. Today’s post will look at how to get the most out of your work out. Continue reading

Mental health and Relaxation

Health effects of stress

Physical effects of stress

Setting aside time for relaxation is important for maintaining good mental health and decreasing stress levels. Today’s post will offer a range of suggestions – from simple, quick activities to more complex exercises. In my previous post on The Healthy Mind Platter, Rock and Siegal refer to this as ‘Time In’.  Continue reading