It’s a very, very, mad world.

Some great tips on dealing with anger. When you lead a stressful life, spend time dealing with a lot of people, or live in a stressful, rushed environment (like the city), it is easy to become frustrated over all the little things (and big things) that can go wrong. Sometimes all you need is to take a deep breath and change the way that you’re thinking about the situation.

Tame the Temper

When you’re predisposed to feeling enraged, it may seem like every little thing in the world is designed to tick you off. Blood sucking mosquitos flying around you, sitting in traffic jams, even the sound of other people’s chewing is enough to get your blood racing.

Anger gets the mind and body ready for action. It arouses the nervous system, increasing the heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow to muscles, blood sugar level and sweating. It also sharpens the senses and increases the production of adrenalin, a hormone produced at times of stress. At the same time as these physical changes, anger is thought to affect the way we think. When we are first faced with a threat, anger helps us quickly translate complex information into simple terms: ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for instance.

When you feel these physical effects, there are some quick & simple steps you can take to calm…

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