Exercise for Health

Everyone knows exercising is good for your mental and physical health (particularly for students). It is highly recommended to help manage depression and anxiety. Some studies even suggest that it can be as helpful as medication. Exercise also helps to boost self esteem, relieve stress by working out those frustrated feelings, and can break up the cycle of pessimistic thinking. Team sports are also an easy way to socialise.

Most of us know we should be exercising, but some of us enjoy it more than others. Today’s post will look at how to get the most out of your work out.Well, when should I exercise?

  • There’s not really a definitive answer to this question! It depends on the person. This article explains it well: “there’s no reliable evidence to suggest that calories are burned more efficiently at certain times of day. But the time of day can influence how you feel when exercising.”
  • Some people are able to get up early and exercise first thing in the morning, which can have great benefits – like increasing energy, waking up the body and prevent your from procrastinating on your work out all day.
  • Not everyone is a morning person, so the important thing is to get into a routine and not exercise too late in the evening if you can avoid it. It might disrupt your body’s ability to get ready for sleep.

Ugh, but exercising is really not fun…

  • You might just be going about it the wrong way! These are some great tips. It can be really tough, especially when you’re just beginning to exercise and everything seems like a struggle, but this reinforces the importance of establishing a routine.
  • Try new things – some people like running outdoors and some would rather run on a treadmill. Some people like to work out alone, others prefer classes or team sports.
  • Fitness communities such as Fitocracy are great for people who want a sense of community (or competition) when working out.
  • There are also plenty of apps and programs designed to help. Couch to 5k is a great interval running program for beginners (I personally think this app worth the money). Zombies, Run! is another great app suggestion for people who find running on it’s own to be a drag.

Have you always been into fitness or are you someone who struggles to get active? What do you do to make your workout more enjoyable?


2 thoughts on “Exercise for Health

  1. What a great post! The apps, especially, are such a great new way people can be motivated to exercise. I’m gonna check out Zombie Run for sure!

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